Hi! I’m Helen, although you can call me Ted. Twenty-something, living in the beautiful city of Prague in the center of Europe. Ace, pan, and agender, prefer they/them pronouns.

Books have been the love of my life since I can remember and the day I found out characters in books can be queer too was probably the best day of my life 😀

My favourite genres are romance, historicals and paranormal, although sometimes I dabble in contemporary too (my prefered theme for those is fbi. I don’t even know why, but I love them).

I’m an artist! You can check out my art on my art blog here!

I also have a book related tumblr blog where I post quotes, arts, graphics and everything in between! Come say hi, I’m always happy to chat books!

Also, this is my cat! His name is Simeon, he’s very large and orange, and once he choked on a tiny mosquito and almost died. God I adore that idiot.