River Tale by Jau N.

Title: River Tale

Author: Jau N.

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Lenght:  42 pages

Genre: Romance, Fairy Tale

Score: ★★★★

River Tale is a wonderful and sweet fairy tale about a brave princess who goes on an impossible quest to save her cursed uncle the king, make deals with fairies and captures the heart of a river spirit.

I’m amazed how development, plot, and character the author put in such a small number of pages. While reading, you never notice how short the book is. The pacing is really good, moving the plot without rushing it or making the writing bare. The plot is also very stream-lined, perfect balance between lushly described environments and fast pace.

I really enjoyed the characters and their romance. Bakwa was a wonderful protagonist- sweet, and polite, but clever enough to research dangers of her quest and be aware of the common stories surrounding fairy folk. Sequana was charming and playful and most of her scenes made me grin. Their developing romance was gentle, kind, and sweet and I loved it. I also appreciated having both protagonists not conventionally attractive (I liked that Bakwa herself says her looks are mediocre!), that was a nice touch.

The writing felt a bit clunky at the beginning, but picked up as soon as Bakwa arrived at the magical forest. The story was a wonderful surprise and I’ll be definitely keeping my eyes out for more from this author.


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